November 5, 2020

These audio selections are from past recitals from the last 5-6 years with the Larsson being the oldest from 2009. There are two unpublished works, Reciprocal Measures by Steve Roens and Serial in 3/4 by Crystal Young-Otterstrom are premieres from a new music project in Salt Lake City.

  •     Rachmaninov: Elegie
  •     Reciprocal Measures
  •     Bolter: Song of King David
  •     Young-Otterstrom: Series in 3/4
  •     Larsson: Aria Andante Sostenuto
  •     Larsson: Finale Allegro giocoso
  •     White: Sonata, iii. Very spirited

This is the world premiere of Nathaniel Eschler’s Canto for Trombone and Piano in Salt Lake City, Utah. February 26, 2015.

Covid-19 Project: Bordogni and Counterpart experiment.