•     Rachmaninov: Elegie
  •     Reciprocal Measures
  •     Bolter: Song of King David
  •     Young-Otterstrom: Series in 3/4
  •     Larsson: Aria Andante Sostenuto
  •     Larsson: Finale Allegro giocoso
  •     White: Sonata, iii. Very spirited

Rachmaninov was performed at Kirkwood Community College September, 2015.

Steve Roens, Reciprocal Measures was performed on March 10, 2017

Young-Otterstrom (Iowa premiere) and Bolter was performed at Cornell College, March 29, 2015.

The Larsson and White were performed on May 2009 at the University of Iowa.

This is the world premiere of Nathaniel Eschler’s Canto for Trombone and Piano in Salt Lake City, Utah. February 26, 2015.

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