My musical journey began in Oxford, Alabama, where I lived from 4th grade through high school and continued at Jacksonville State University where I earned my music education degree.

At first I thought I was going to play the saxophone because my older brother played it. I figured I could get a head start on it, but then my band director, Bill Barker, had me buzz on a trombone mouthpiece. I guess I did a decent job because his reaction was “Wow, man! That is a great first buzz!” and “You just buzzed your first pitch you will learn, the note F.” He convinced me that I needed to learn trombone and I was hooked from that point on.

I was not exposed to a variety of genres for trombone until college. What I knew about the trombone was that it was played in concert band and marching band, but I loved it. Finally, when I began taking lessons on trombone (in college) and attending Sewanee Summer Music Festival in TN, I found my true passion for trombone and the varying capabilities enhanced through orchestral and solo music.

My journey continues with my biggest support group ever; my wife Ginny, and two fabulous daughters, Neala and Madelyn and our pup Maisie. I also have to mention my first pup Sydne, who recognized my warm-down and sense that it is time for me to let her outside.

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